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Improve diversity by removing bias

Sigma Polaris’ profiling and pre-screening software provides HR professional with powerful tools for faster, smarter, and unbiased candidate selection

Improves quality of candidate shortlist

Improves efficiency through time saved from application to interview

Improves job offer conversion rate


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Our AI uses candidates’ performance in online assessments to generate insightful profiles on both Soft and Hard skills. Together with our groundbreaking shortlisting algorithms, these profiles allow HR professionals to quickly, accurately, and without falling prey to implicit/explicit bias, find the most suitable candidates to call for interview.

The problem

Manual CV-assessment and shortlisting:

Time consuming & expensive

Often doesn’t find the right candidate

Hinders diversity through explicit or implicit bias

The solution

Automated AI-assessment and shortlisting:

Automation cuts people hours

AI-precision matches better candidates

AI-automation is immune to bias*

(*With appropriate choice of input data)


48% of candidates called to interview with the help of ALEX have received an offer.**

The industry average is between 10-15%. (**Data as of 1st of March 2019.)

Generate quantitative candidate profiles through online assessments

Generate meritocratic shortlist based on candidate-vacancy fit

Contact the most suitable candidates and look forward to the interviews

Candidate Profiles from General Assessment

The Clever Stuff

Soft Skills

Work Preferences:

Team vs. solo

Ideation vs. Implementation

Risk Taking vs. Averseness

Four Actual Candidate Profiles

Hard Skills

General Competencies in:

Arithmetic Reasoning

Critical Verbal Reasoning

Problem Solving

Eye for Detail

The development of this step-change AI-assessment process has only been possible through the dedication and input from leading global experts in their fields.

We give special thanks to University of Copenhagen, University of Bath,
and University of Bristol.