48% of candidates called to interview via our process have received an offer*
The industry average is between 10-15%
(*Data as of 1st of March 2019)


Sigma Polaris’ processes and AI are available for complete API-integration into companies own ATS/CRM systems

Soon available as online user-platform with unique ATS system included

ALEX for recruitment agencies and HR professionals

ALEX is a massive time saver that improves the accuracy of candidate selection. ALEX provides you with a tangible value-add edge over your competitors. You will be championing true diversity and provide your clients with insightful candidate profiles.

But don’t just take our word for it;
“We have a small recruitment team so their time is very important, Sigma Polaris’ AI allows us to refine our process to effectively find the best candidates faster and easily match applicants to the right roles in our company. It is really simple to read the profiles and understand the data that we can use them all the way up the hiring chain”
– Peter Anstey Co-founder of _nology and former Head of Innovation at

Empowering Corporates to truly evaluate their position
and develop a culture to be proud of

ALEX helps corporates efficiently grow their teams, achieve True Diversity, and a company culture to be proud.
A unique feature of ALEX, more relevant to corporates, is its ability to do Gap-Fit analysis. By having a team/department take the assessment the new candidates can be assessed and shortlisted to help fill in the Gaps of the original team/department. As such, ALEX can cleverly select candidates, not just based on previous placement history but also specifically tailored to the company’s needs.
This Gap-Fit analysis is particularly valuable for up-/down-sizing of larger teams/departments as the company grows and develops.

Delivering an assessment/shortlisting plug-in to HR Software Developers

The ATS and software market in the HR segment has rapid growth and low consolidation. Sigma Polaris provides a next-gen assessment and matching plug-in to HR software developers. This gives them a true value-add incorporated into their bundle products and services allowing them to capitalise on the 10% annual market growth in this segment forecast over the next 5 years.