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Delivering True Diversity and Meritocracy to HR

“Resumes are out, algorithms are in” –Unilever

Make HR better and fairer by bringing
AI-automation to the assessment processes

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Using smart online assessments, focusing on both Soft and Hard skills our AI-engine CHARLIE generates candidate-profiles and matches the most suitable candidates to a given vacancy. CHARLIE ensures True Diversity and Meritocracy and assists Sigma Polaris in championing the global move towards AI-automation in HR, enabling workplaces to deliver the service of the future.

The problem

CV/Keyword-assessment in Recruitment is:

Time consuming & expensive

Often doesn’t find the right candidate

Hinders diversity through explicit or implicit bias

The solution

AI-assessment based on online testing:

AI-assessment cuts people hours

AI-precision matches better candidates

AI-automation is immune to bias*

(*With appropriate choice of input data)



AI-Generate Candidate Profiles through smart online assessments

AI-Generate Vacancy Profiles through company and vacancy analysis

AI-Match the right candidates to the right vacancy using CHARLIE

Candidate Profiles

The Clever Stuff

Soft Skills

Work Preference:

Team vs. solo

Ideation vs. Implementation

Risk Taking vs. Averseness

Candidate Profiles

Hard Skills

General Competencies in:

Arithmetic Reasoning

Critical Verbal Reasoning

Problem Solving

Eye for Detail

The development of this step-change AI-assessment process has only been possible through the dedication and input from leading global experts in their fields